Non Marine
Car Insurance

Our members of the staff literally feel the "drive" to assist our clients with their passion within the field of mobility.

Today’s fleet operators are face various challenges. To manage a fleet does not only mean to take responsibility of the procurement of the fleet, but also to find a suitable insurance concept. It is of great importance to select an adequate partner during the search for such a concept.

Are you interested in classic insurance concepts? Do you prefer customized solutions? Do you separate car liability from the comprehensive cover (Kasko), due to the managing of your fleet?

We are happy to assist clients with answers to these questions. We offer adequate solutions in order to create sustainable opportunities for optimisation and economization.

Aspects like these belong to our competence. We like to talk to you personally should you require more information or have any request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples for our offers:

  • Neutral Risk analyses
  • Consulting only to the client’s interest
  • Development of customized insurance solutions and concepts
  • Evaluation of existing coverage
  • Service from a single source (operating/claims)
  • High service standards
  • Risk Management
  • Driver Training