Liability | Accident | Legal Protection

A small mistake is all it takes to cause a damage for business partners, customers, visitors or other third parties. Growing pressure on cost and economization increase the risk of claims for compensation as a result of damages with persons, property or financial assets by third parties. Very often, such cases cause painful financial challenge on the side of the injured. Negative consequences for the company results can even be existence-threatening without an adequate insurance coverage.

Liability insurance detects the demands, assumes justified claims and fends off unjustified ones.
Liability is even increased for Managers, due to their daily decisions inside their businesses. They may be liable to third parties and to the company, already in cases of slight negligence, without limit, joint and several, with their complete private assets.

Hence, a Manager liability (Directors and Officers/ D & O) is already standard inside a good insurance package for a Manager or entrepreneur.

Expenses Protection policies can provide a fitting and useful complementation; especially a legal protection should be part of it. The list of potential criminal offenses is long. One hint to authorities (even anonymous ones), could be enough, and the police and legal authorities are obliged to initiate investigations. These procedural costs can be covered by the insurer.

Due to the growing number of cyber-attacks against IT systems associated with misuse of data, blackmailing, damaging of the IT, as well as business interruption, more and more attention is laid upon the Cyber Safety Insurance as a supporting service, across all industries – protection against financial loss with third and first party components.

Physical constraints are very frequent as a result of an accident. Financial squeezes might be the consequence, due to necessary modification of the workplace or in the private home. Individual insurance sums can be chosen within a Group Accident Insurance, and hence the risk of financial loss can be minimized.


» Business Liability
» Product Liability
» Environmental Liability
» Environmental Damage
» Pecuniary Damage Liability
» Office Liability
» Owner’s and Contractor’s Protective Liability
» Home owner’s and landowner’s Liability
» etc.

Legal Expenses

» Legal Protection Insurance
» Legal Protection against financial loss
» Legal Protection against a covered claim
» Legal Protection for Traffic Law
» Legal Protection against labour disputes
» etc.

Special coverage

» Car- / Product recall Costs
» D&O
» D&O Deductibles
» Manager/Director Coverage
» Group Accident
» Fidelity Loss (Infidelity)
» Cyber
» etc.