Property and Technical Insurance Programmes

Companies’ fixed capital assets and their development of investment income are subject to various identifiable dangers, as are their revenues. Even despite thorough and professional damage precaution, damage and losses may not always be prevented.

Insurances for the loss of revenue and property can hereby provide indemnity payments (compensation) to balance dramatic financial consequences for the company’s balance sheet.

In modern international business life, pressure on innovation and fast industrial production, as well as a strong dependency on electronic and automatic manufacturing leads to a wide-spread demand for an all risks cover. Our Technical Insurance meets this demand.

Damage Precaution plays a key role when dealing with risk assessment. Together with our clients, it is our aim to define insurable risks and dangers for each company; we calculate the appropriate proportion of our clients' own contribution. We furthermore offer the insurance coverage most suitable for each company, in order to successfully position it on the market.

In addition, we are provide our services to our clients globally, while creating and accompanying international insurance products.

Property Insurance

» Fire Insurance
» Further Damage Risk for Material and Property: burglary, tap water, windstorm and hail
» Extended Property Insurance: natural hazard, political danger
» Terror Insurance
» Multi-Line Insurance

Loss of Revenue Insurance

» Business Interruption Insurance (BI)
» Insurance for Interaction Damage
» Insurance for Retroactive effects/BI with suppliers and purchasers
» Insurance for Extra Expenses

Technical Insurance

» Contractor’s All Risks Insurance (CAR)
» Construction/Erection All Risks Insurance (EAR)
» Insurance for machinery as well as mobile and stationary systems
» Insurance for electronics and software

Special Products

» Follow-on Insurance (Extended Warranty)/Repair Cost Insurance