The „containerization“ inside the intermodal trade has been growing steadily during the last years. The number, as well as the size of vessels, transport more containers to all large port worldwide. There literally seems no place left where containers cannot be moved via lorries, inland vessels or via train. The containers, however, are thereby subject to various risks.

You invest your money in containers – as shipping company, leasing company, or investor. We insure your investment thanks to special insurance concepts against the most significant risks. We are happy to assist you as we have gained more than 30 years of experience with insuring containers.

The various segments of this sector represent one of our major business focuses

» Damage Protection Plan (DPP) for leasing companies
» Contingency Insurance for container leasing companies and investors (Protection against the bankruptcy of the lessee)
» Insurance for Residual Value for investors

» Full Equipment Cover (FEC) – Maintenance & Repair Management Programme for shipping companies and operators
» Liability Insurance for containers